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The California Architect's Guide to Bathroom Design

Accessible bathrooms require thoughtful design. After all, ADA and CA Title 24 compliance can be complicated… But finding a compliant shower shouldn’t be. Take a closer look at the top compliance considerations for accessible bathroom designs in California in our free guide. While you’re at it, explore some of the most attractive shower units and accessories that can take your design to the next level!


California eBook cover

In this free ebook, you’ll discover:

  • What ADA and CA Title 24 are all about
  • What styles of shower are compliant with these regulations
  • Top considerations for accessible features, design, layout, and accessories
  • A curated selection of highly compliant, attractive shower units
  • And more!

Download the ebook today to learn more about how the EverFab Advantage can transform your next accessible bathroom project in California!